B&W Wine & Liquors

Your local specialty wine and spirits store offering wines from around the globe and a vast selection of fine bourbons.

Living in Bainbridge and shopping at B&W has always felt like family. Between the great customer service where they always remember your name, to their COVID friendly Call Ahead and delivery options. They have a large selection at affordable prices. I can always find the perfect wine or liquor for every occasion.

Jen Kelley
Local Celebrity

About Us

JR Bogert & Danielle Winn

Store Owners

Conveniently located in down town Bainbridge on Route 206 you will find an inviting store with a wide variety of wines from around the globe along with a nice spirits selection. We have one of the best bourbon selections within 40 miles which makes the stop worth it anytime.


Welcome to B&W, your local fine wine and craft spirits store in a welcoming, boutique setting. Featuring one of the best selections of bourbons your will find around.


27 West Main Street, Bainbridge, NY 13733

Business Hours

Monday thru Thursday

10 AM - 9 PM

Friday & Saturday

10 AM - 10 PM


Noon - 6 PM